What to do after 12th Commerce

Commerce is a widely opted stream in school by the students. People often live in a dilemma that there are no good career options for commerce students. Does this have a common impact on students due to which they end up asking themselves What to do after 12th Commerce? However, this is just a myth. There are plenty of career options for students from commerce backgrounds. We have shortlisted some of the emerging and most popular career options that you can follow based on your interests. 

Some of the topmost courses to pursue after 12th commerce 

If you are from a commerce background stop asking others What to do after class 12th Commerce as you can help yourself out by some of our recommendations given below. 


Economics is the study of goods in terms of production, transfer, utilization, and resources. In this career, you will learn and know how to apply the theories, principles, and models in the research you will do. The role of an economist is to predict market trends through research and analysis. They also help to construct theories and models of economy and resolve economic issues by making useful recommendations. One can make a career in economics by pursuing a bachelor’s in economics, or a major in the course and then end up doing masters. Professional opportunities such as an economist, strategist, statistician, budget analyst, may many more awaits one you master the course. 

Actuarial science

There are various kinds of risks in all fields and actuarial science, you learn to deal with all of them for example, business finance, and healthcare. The actuarial science professionals which are known as actuaries apply their statistics, mathematical equations, and theories of finance to analyze the upcoming risk and its impact on the business. Based on their researches they build strategies to avoid future losses. So stop with the unlimited google searches about what can I do after 12th commerce, and get into the game. The career is said to be one of the toughest to pursue yet is one of the emerging career options. If you enjoy playing with numbers and statistics with analyzing data then this is the best career option for you. One can work in health insurance, pension funds, risk management, etc. To pursue a career in this field you first have to clear the common entrance test for actuaries and then enter the best institute of Actuaries of India (IAI). 

Chartered Accountancy 

If you are still confused about What to do after 12th commerce? Chartered accountancy or (C.A) is one of the most commonly known careers to pursue after class 12th commerce. The profession is recognized on an international level with the professional certification of ICAI or Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. There are many domains of business in which a chartered accountant can work to add to the profitability of a firm such as finance, taxation, investment, etc. There are 4 steps to be followed in this career and you need to clear all the four stages to become a chartered accountant. 

Step 1 

Clear the competency professional test (CPT) once you register with ICAI.

Step 2

The next stage is to clear integrated professional competence course exams that have 2 groups. 

Step 3

In the third stage, you need to undergo 3 years of practice or an internship under a CA or a CA firm.

Step 4

While pursuing your internship clear your CA final and acquire your certification in the field. 


Still, ask yourself What can I do after 12th commerce? Management is the top mist requirement for the companies out there. Management involves planning, analyzing, and organizing to ensure the effective functioning and growth of a company. This career is one of the most popular among commerce students and is relatively reliable to pursue. The field is quite a wide one in itself and offers many career opportunities including marketing HR, finance, sales, international business, etc. also there are some of the specialized fields such as fashion business management, sports management, communications management, etc. Pursuing management you get many national as well as global opportunities in various domains. 

Company Secretary (CS)

This course is another institute based professional course. It is administered by ICSI which stands for The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. If you constantly ask yourself What to do after 12th Commerce? Then this can be a career for you. Taking care of the efficient administration of the company is the sole purpose of a company secretary. It is essential to follow all the legal and statutory compliance with respect. There are also some government-related issues to be taken care of like to ensure that proper implementation is done on the decisions taken by the board of directors of the company. The job in this career requires assistance. With assistance some other duties that are tagged along are to develop corporate strategies, advising on company law, giving advice on conducting business, etc. in this field, one can work in both public as well as private sector organizations. You can render services in corporate governance, financial management, overseas collaborations, and joint ventures, financial management, and can also build a personal set up for independent practice. So stop thinking What Should I do After 12th Commerce and start with the hard work.


People who are interested in commerce-related domains like accounting, finance, auditing, etc find this field quite interesting. The solid gateway to enter this field is a degree in Bcom after which you are free to grab many professional and high educational opportunities. You need to pursue a Bcom course for under graduation and then Mcom or MBA on a post-graduation level. Then choose the field based on the career you wish to choose. Now stop constantly asking yourself about What should I do after 12th commerce and start with the process.


Here were some of the shortlisted careers to save you from losing hope in the commerce background. Numerous opportunities come your way if you are done with your commerce in 12th. So, What to do after 12th commerce is an invalid question to ask. There are so many gateways to so many careers after commerce and you should start focussing on what interests you the most.

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