What to do After 12th Science

It is super important for you to get on the right career path for you after class 12th. For students finishing 12th with Physics Chemistry and maths, there is a pool of opportunities to grab in this stream. Though everyone needs some guidance at some point in time. We have shortlisted some of the best courses for students who are confused about What to do After 12th Science. It is to remove the misconception that all the best opportunities go to the way students opt for biology over mathematics. The course you choose should be in your best interest Aso that you enjoy the journey of building your career.

Courses after 12th Science

If you are confused about What to do after 12th Science, you are in the right place. The following careers give you an inside into what you can do after 12th.


It is quite obvious for most PCM students to go for Engineering as it is one of the most popular and student-driven courses to do after 12th PCM. While pursuing engineering, it is valuable if you crack the entrance exam of the best colleges. The approximate time taken to complete the course of engineering is 4-5 years and highly depends on which college you choose. The best part of this course is that a person gets to work right after the engineering is done without wasting any time. There are many engineering options as well, such as civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering, from which you need to choose based on your interests. It is the most opted course if you are confused about What to do after 12th PCM.

Bachelor of management studies

Bachelor of management studies is an open-to-all stream. The main focus of this course is the management aspect of a business or organization. This course is an umbrella for students who later realize their best interest is in management, and their science background can help them get into good science-based technological companies. This coarse is the opposite one if compared to Science, and things you will learn involve finance, accounting, marketing, and human resources. So do not stress over What to do after 12th Science and find your interests.

Financial markets

This one is a savior career option for people who chose physics and chemistry with mathematics in their class 12th. Their knowledge of numbers can be put to use for earning money. One can go for a specialization course in financial markets right after their 12th. Students with a commerce background who opt for maths can also pursue their career in financial markets. You will learn a whole bunch of things in this from trading stocks and financial instruments to how to become a financial adviser and a lot more. This coarse is good to eliminate your stress about What to do after 12th PCM.

Merchant navy courses

There are a whole bunch of courses through which you can enter the merchant navy. However, Science-based courses get you a good place in the merchant navy. It is a perfect profession for you if you are from a science background and love traveling. You get the opportunity to visit the shores of many countries. Many merchant navy courses attract youngsters, and you can choose among these courses based on your interests. 

Some out of the box courses

If the thought of What to do after 12th Science still confuses you? There are many unique courses that you can build your career along with your PCM background. 


Things are very different now if compared to the earlier days when students had to convince their parents to let them perdue their animation course as it had to be completed along with the education. There were only private institutes back then to offer such certificate courses of animation. However, today many reputed institutes willingly offer various animation courses. India is considered as the hub of the animation industry. Also, doing an animation course after 12th if you are good at art and computers is a decision to take. So don’t think much about What to do after 12th PCM and take some action based on your interests.

Commercial pilot

All the hustle about going overseas and taking your pilot’s degree and the license has been cut off. Not only retired air force officers but also common people can become pilots. There are many reputed institutes and universities offering pilot courses. The aviation industry needs more pilots since the price of air tickets went down. There is a hype in demand of the commercial pilots, and therefore, it is a good course to go for if interested in aviation. Don’t blank yourself out by thinking, What can I do after 12th Science and go with your interests. 

Video game developer

Do not consider the video game industry any smaller. It is a million-dollar industry offering many high paid jobs, and India is at the forefront with many countries overseas. You can get your professional degree in gaming right after your 12th in which you will be taught many computer and gaming languages. The job of game testers is to detect bugs or viruses and test all the latest launched games. If you have any interest in gaming, this is your field. Stop thinking, What can I do after 12th PCM as there are many options available out there. 


Other than civil engineers, you can become an architect if you are from a science background. They help create beautiful designs that make your skyline look beautiful, which are later executed and constructed by civil engineers. If you have good architecture skills, which are drawing, designing, and calculating, this is the right career for you. So no more “What to do after 12th Science” and more of hustle.


Choosing the right career after 12th is the most crucial decision of your life as it makes building your career fun and easy. You are not confused about What to do after 12th Science, and instead, you are focused on your goals, saving precious time, energy, and money. We have discussed a lot of career choices for you to consider based on your interests. Choosing what’s best for you is essential for your physical and mental health as well. 

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