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Match your Wedding Outfits with the Groom’s

Want to dress in coordinated looks on your wedding day? Continue reading to learn easy tricks and tips!

One of the most important days in a person’s life is their wedding day.. A bride spends months, if not years, planning every detail of her special day. Choosing the location, makeup, jewellery, and attire are all part of this. It is essential that the bride and the groom look stunning in order to ace those wedding photos.

Coordinating their attire for the wedding and the pre-wedding is an easy way to accomplish this. You can pull off a coordinated look in a variety of ways without going overboard. This is one wedding costume tendency that we are completely obsessed with (at least, we think so!), from matching bride and groom dress colour combination coordinating to colour contrasting to matching prints and fabrics. Couples who dress differently from one another have been popular for a while, and we don’t see this trend going away anytime soon.

Trend of Matching Bride and Groom Outfit on Wedding day

Many of us regularly scroll through social media feeds filled with wedding-related posts. Additionally, if you are making a list of ideas for your upcoming wedding, it’s possible that matching bridesmaid or groomsmen attire will be at the top of your list. Couples are making sure their shaadi squad dresses are identical, taking inspiration from Christian weddings. Best friends, siblings, or other close family members of the bride and groom usually join this clan and are assigned duties throughout the festivities. As the trend has developed, these chosen ones now wear some sort of uniform.

Also it is most common in wedding to match the dress of bride and groom to seem more like a couple. This trend is coming on peak these days as most of the celebrities has done on their wedding day. If we take example of Deepika and Ranveer or Alia or Ranbeer, these outfit matching trend is trending and that is why now most of the couple are also preferring to adopt this trend on their wedding day.  Now adays people are more searching for how to match your wedding outfits with the groom’s without going overboard so we are here to give you all answer, so keep reading!

Matching Outfit of Bride and Groom

It’s incredibly adorable and upbeat and somehow gives the entire wedding that extra special touch. Scroll down below for some ideas & inspiration from these real couples who wowed us if you want to coordinate outfits with your partner!

Continue reading to get your answer for how to match your wedding outfits with the groom’s without going overboard and learn some advice that will make you and your future husband look stunning on the big day!

  1. Dupattas should match

Wearing a dupatta of the same colour is the most subtle way to make your outfit look similar. While a bride may wear a red or maroon dupatta on her head, a similar garment may also be worn by the groom over a sherwani. You two will look fantastic together as well as completely in love. If you don’t like traditional wedding colours, choose a different tone.

Matching Dupatta is the simplest way to match the outfit with each other as it is worn by both and making them look alike is the best way to complement the outfit with each other.

  1. Pick Similar Print and Pattern

The print and pattern of the bride and groom outfits should be matched in order to complement the outfit with each other. The colour of the bride and groom’s outfit should be matched with the colour of the wedding party. The wedding party will make beautiful outfits for the bride and groom. The matching between each other is very important in designing a wedding party’s outfit. When the print of the outfit of both the couple gets matched then it will look more captivating.

  1. Match Your Dupatta To The Pagdi Or Safa Of The Groom

We also have a last-minute solution for you if you were unable to coordinate your entire outfit for whatever reason. A bride typically carries two dupattas: one to wear around her lehenga and one to keep on her head. You can choose a dupatta colour that complements your future husband’s pagdi or safa. With less time, you can complement each other and successfully match the outfit with each other. However, there is no chance that you two won’t radiate glitz together!

  1. Coordination of the jewellery components

There are other ways to look alike on your wedding day if you and your partner have different tastes in colours and fabrics for your wedding attire. It can be done with jewellery, such as coordinating any piece of jewellery. A bride can choose to have the groom dress in matching items. Alternately, the groom can dress in attire that resembles the brides. In either case, you two will speak out together.

  1. The Pocket Square

The couple’s outfit doesn’t appear to be similar in any way, but they still look amazing coordinated. The pocket square, a small addition that matches the colour of the bride’s lehenga, is the cause. This couple managed to complement each other without matching the colours of their entire wedding attire, unlike many other couples. Interested in what’s added? They were both beaming with delight. The chemistry is undeniable, and it will most likely be enough for you to shine on your wedding day.

  1. The Wine Color

We adore the bride’s wine-colored lehenga, and the groom’s stole really makes the couple look like royalty. The groom chose a velvet wine stole rather than a full wine-colored ensemble. They both have similar designs on the clothing they are wearing. These days, many wedding couples do this, and it looks amazing. Apart from that, it is obvious that their apparent love is what makes them appear to be such a lovely couple in the photograph.

  1. Red and black 

These two hues complement each other incredibly well. These two definitely resemble a king and queen in a deck of cards. Despite choosing completely different concepts (Western and Indian), the pair still looks stunning. The groom’s tuxedo may be simple and straightforward, but it is incredibly expensive. On the other hand, we admire the bride’s attempt to match him by dressing simply so as not to appear overdressed in front of the groom.


Now when you know how to match your wedding outfits with the groom’s without going overboard implement these tips on your big day and make the celebration revolves around you both. These tips can make you look like more of a couple for sure!

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