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We all are keen to buy gadgets with perfect functioning, best quality, and worth the price. However, it is sometimes impossible to find a gadget that is perfect in all ways and fits your budget. In the case of headphones, we have got you covered, there are Best Headphones Under 1000 bucks that are worth buying if you are looking. We have compiled a list of On-ear and In-ear headphones for people who want to buy this gadget on a budget. All these have perfect sound quality, audio quality, bass and are also pretty simple to use. Here are some of the headphones that will give a perfect sound quality experience without spending much.

On-Ear Headphones

Sony MDR-ZX110

The pair of these Sony headphones provide a rhythmic response and are extremely lightweight. These are the most responding even with the songs that are mostly demanded. The earpads in the headset are rotatable which makes it quite portable for carrying while traveling as well. These are one of the best headphones under 1000. You can even fold the earcups of the headset to pack it inside a bag or suitcase, sparing a lot of space in your luggage. The headband of this headphone is quite comfortable and is also adjustable to wear with soft cushion ear cups that cover the whole ear. The full ear coverage ensures that there are no disturbances while listening to music. You can hear even the quietest sounds reflecting your ear.


These JBL headphones are must-buy headphones under 1000. They have good audio drivers and a strong base for which JBL is popularly known for. However, you may experience undesired effects in some songs as the bass is applied constantly. One might struggle with mid and high ranged frequencies yet low ones are handled extremely well. This one is a good in-budget headphone with very less limitations. The headphone is designed for a solid fit for which they are small in size and quite lightweight. The ear cups are self-adjusting and the wire length that connects the earphones is sturdy and of good quality.

Sennheiser PX80

This headphone has the sound quality better than many expensive ones out there and is quite popular headphones under 1000 bucks. At this price, the sound quality is fantastic and can handle demanding audio material. These headphones are portable and can be carried around easily. The packaging of Sennheiser PX80 is quite attractive as it comes in a handy case. The cables look fragile which they are not and are sturdy. This headphone, like all good ones, is lightweight and fits perfectly on the head. The frames of this headphone are made of metal, unlike other headphones that are made of plastic and breaks in months of usage. However, the only limitation in these is that you cannot answer calls wearing them due to the absence of a microphone. Also, they do not enable sound cancellation as there is an open back tip on these headphones.

Sennheiser HD 180

The Sennheiser HD 180 is known for its excellent audio quality and perfect sound overall. This in-budget music accessory and one of the best headphones under 1000 which gives a satisfying listening experience to the users. The embodiment is quite simple as compared to the other monitor headphones. These headphones are portable and provide a rich bass response with a strong playback sound. Sennheiser HD180 enables sound cancellation due to its closed-back design. These are very comfortable to wear and easy to use. However, when the volume is a bit high, noise can occur at lower frequencies.

In-Ear Headphones

BrainWavz Omega

These headphones are newly introduced to the IEM segment and give crisp audio. The audio comes out decent and balanced with a frequency response of 20-200000 Hz. It utilizes 6mm driver units and covers the whole audio spectrum. These are one of the best headphones under 1000.

1More Piston Fit

The audio balance of this earphone is quite warm and enjoyable. It can volume up to 70% which is pretty loud for loud listeners. This one is also an in-budget headphone that is fairly impressive for its price. The volume enables you to hear strong low-frequency performance with clear mids and highs.

Sennheiser CX213

This earphone is launched by a german audio company that has a long-range of audio products. These have excellent sound quality with easily adjustable earplugs. Works best for noise cancellation as well because of its rubber earplugs.


JBL is quite popular for its quality gadgets. This JBL earphone, similarly, is one of the best headphones under 1000. The earphones fit is quite a nug and has a good quality build. These earphones offer the best quality bass too like other JBL gadgets.


These earphones from Sony are one of the most affordable gadgets that are introduced. The bass response of these is good with high quality and excellent clarity of audio. These are also one of the best headphones under 1000.


We have discussed the best quality headphones under 1000 that are worth buying. Though price matters and they all have their own limitations, however, the above-mentioned headphones are one of the best with the least limitations. We have listed these to help you make a productive decision in buying earphones on a budget. These headphones work perfectly well and offer excellent sound quality to the users. The features of these products are mentioned to simplify the decision process for you according to your needs. Above mentioned Headphones under 1000 are a good investment to make. 

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