10-Tips on How to Grow a Business

How to Grow a Business? To grow your business, you need to know your business. For any beginner or an existing businessman who wants to establish a heavy-hitting business, the first thing that comes to his mind is ‘Expansion’. Now, growing a business is a challenging task. The competition is huge and what sets apart a big business from a small one, is the proper business strategy. Great business personalities started as a novice, and they never stopped. Growth and recognition will come gradually with smart-work and passion.

Here are 10-tips on how to grow your Business:

1. Be Innovative

Steve Jobs quotes, “Innovation distinguishes a leader and a follower.” An innovative business can never lack growth. It will distinguish you from the others and help you build momentum for rapid growth. We can take the examples of Google, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba as an inspiration, of how a once unknown company turned out to be globally known. Innovation means finding new ways to grow and every business corporation must keep that in mind. An innovative business will always set you apart from the rest. With new processes, new ideas, new business models, and propagandas you can always grow your business and reach new heights.

2. Organize a ‘Super chain’

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” This quote defines it all. You are right! Behind the success of a great business, there’s the sweat and hard-work of smart-workers. Building a ‘super chain’ means building a team, building partnerships with the right business corporates, thereby expanding your business activities. Organizing a smart set of workers is a challenging task. Once you and your team are ready, there’s a long way to go ahead.

3. Sustainability to Scalability

A sustainable business with minimum operating profit, will always be a scalable business. To expand your business, you should always focus on the process rather than on people and products. You might be selling a quality product but that might not turn out to be of a globally recognized. Whereas with process orientation you can always scale up your business. Always think about multiplying rather than adding.

4. Process Orientation

the scalability of your business will rise with a proper process orientation. You might be confused about what that is? Process orientation is nothing but the standard operating procedures, a system of efficiencies, quality controls, and the power to connect virtually to people. Great businesses are famous today not only with people and their products but by the way they handle their market both externally as well as internally. It is thus, one of the best steps to expand your business.

5. Identify your areas of weakness

The growth in any business requires to eliminate the flaws in the business. Identify the areas of your weakness and try to cultivate new processes to keep up with the acceleration. Market research always helps here. Stay updated with the present scenario of the market, scratch out your weakness, and help your business to expand.

6. Focus on the Customers

“Nobody tells a customer what to do.” – this quote is well known to every other famous business Personalities in the World. Know what your customer wants rather than making simple assumptions. Only then you can chalk out your product with a proper price, quality, and convenience. Be accessible to them and not enforceable. Satisfying your customer must always be on your priority list. Your business can grow that way.

7. Use a Recurring Revenue Business Model

A recurring revenue business model is how a business makes money by trading access to products or services for regular and scheduled payments. It gives you stability and then with a minimum gross margin that you establish you can think about your business to grow. Do not lose your permanent customers while aiming for gaining new ones. A fixed revenue will keep you in pace and boost you to expand.

8. Corporate Social Responsibility

socializing will help you in brand building and brand building will help you in expanding your business further. The 3 main types of CSR are environmental, ethical, and philanthropic. It is one of the best strategies you can apply, to bolster your business growth.

9. Social-Media

When a single click can connect you to the entire world then why not use it tactfully. Social media is one of the best platforms for expanding your business by reaching out not only nationally but globally. The more you communicate, the more you stay up-to-date. The top 5 social media platforms to expand your business are- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. So, the next time you scroll your social media platform, remember to channelize it into something useful.

10. Strategize

Strategy is something that can take you to the top. A proper strategy requires a brave business mindset and someone who dreams big. Expansion can only come after execution. A smart strategy will levy your business, not heavy your business. Do proper research, pen your ideas, build a good team, learn, and then grow.


As Benjamin Franklin quoted, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

For taking your business to a whole new platform, you need to go through the process of time and patience. Growth comes gradually if organized and falls when unorganized. Expansion is essential for development and progress. Challenges are bound to come and overcoming them is the quality of a true businessman. 

Keep Working!! Keep Strategizing!! Keep Growing!! 

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