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10 Proven Styling Tips For The Indian Groom!

Styling tips for indian Groom

On the day of marriage, the awe of the groom’s king is different. In such a situation, it is important to pay special attention not only to the bride but also to the groom’s outfit on the wedding day. Be it a three-piece suit or a sherwani, the groom’s personality can make him the real ‘hero’ of the wedding film.

Men often think of wearing something new in a marriage. How to wear clothes at a wedding, so that their look looks better. Due to not being able to choose the right colour dress, there is no newness in her style. There is no such colour in marriage which cannot be adopted.

Apart from blue and red colour wedding dresses, there are many colours too. Like – Golden and Orange, Golden-Silver, Gold and Black, Red and Golden, Sea-Green Color, Pastel, Ivory, Mint, and Silver colour dress are right for the wedding. These colours are considered right for summer as well. Along with this, choose the right colour of the groom’s cap or turban, scarf etc. However, these things will be available from where you buy the wedding dress. Along with this, the shopkeeper himself will advise taking the right colour for dressing tips for groom.

Let us know what things to be kept in mind while choosing the groom’s dress so the groom styles may look like ‘Mr Perfect’ on the wedding day. Keep reading to learn the 10 Proven Styling Tips For The Indian Groom!

Choose the option according to the occasion

There are numerous options available to the groom.The market is full of options like Suits, Kurta pyjamas, Sherwani, Jodhpuri Kurtas, and Bandh Neck Suits. But on what occasion do you have to choose what to wear? For instance, there can be options like a sherwani or jodhpur kurta on the wedding day, a suit or a turtleneck suit at the reception.

Wear clothes according to personality

It is not necessary that if the sherwani you like to see, it will also look good on you. Maybe you will like kurta pyjama better and suit better than sherwani. For example, a sherwani will suit tall people, while a turtleneck suit will suit a short person. Similarly, choose the colour of clothes according to your complexion.

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Some experimentation required

When it’s your day, you have to look your best. So why be afraid to experiment a little with your outfit? You can also do a fusion of Indian wear with western. For example, a dhoti with a turtleneck coat or a Pathan suit with a Nehru jacket, etc. 

If you are someone who loves to wear a different outfit that is different from the regular day outfit, then you must try a fusion dress on your big day. It will make everyone remember you and your wedding day for too long!

Comfort should be your priority

The groom’s face should reflect his confidence, and this is possible only when you feel comfortable in your attire. That’s why you should feel comfortable in whatever you wear.

Who doesn’t want to spend a big day on their wedding day in strangely fitting clothes that prevent you from fully enjoying the day?

Old School Dhoti

It’s not about what you wear; it’s about what you’re wearing. This is a must-read for all men who want to stand out from the crowd and fit in with the times. Go full dhoti, guys; skipping the chudidhaar or patiala might just up the ante. It succeeds because it’s so cutting-edge and retro at the same time! The Dhoti has been around for a long time and has been a major fashion staple since the dawn of time. They could, however, up the ante. It’s a winner because it’s both avant-garde and retro at the same time!

Sherwani / Bandhgala Buttons

The engagement rate of social media posts is on the rise, and a lot of brides are uploading their wedding photos to Facebook, Instagram & more.  So it is time for the styles for groom to step in and take the spotlight.  It is not his fault that he has only ever been seen in a wedding dress, but if he wants to stand out from the crowd, he can do so with a Sherwani button or some other beautiful accessory such as a necklace or wristlet.

Best of the best! Beautiful sherwani buttons from Swarovski and other precious stones are made using all the best metals, enamelled with gems. You can choose your own colours and design. We have some awesome samples of these stunning designs that we would love to share with you.

Go for Feather

The embellishments on the safa have evolved from basic to outrageous and super cool, including feathers on the safa, an inventive kalgi draped like a necklace, and polki designs. Go with this one, dear grooms, and keep the rest of your attire understated. You can fix this feather on your safa to make it look different and eye-catching!

Floral Design

The latest sherwani designs this wedding season range from embroidered to printed, giving grooms more options than ever before. Zardozi work and other fine details give the outfit the necessary elegance. Similar to bridal wear, grooms have chosen floral to include in their wedding looks, and they unquestionably kill the trend. The days of the groom sitting next to the dressed-up bride are long gone.

Stylish Footwear

There is a need to up the ante when it comes to footwear as the selection of sherwanis expands. Choosing a pair of embroidered shoes to match your embroidered outfit or a pair of statement-making velvet shoes to replace your plain juttis and loafers. This wedding season, simplicity is not the way to go. The two biggest shoe manufacturers that offer a wide selection of fashion styles for groom to choose from are Sabyasachi and Manyavar. So this is the second last of the 10 Proven Styling Tips For The Indian Groom!

Suit For Western Wear

Do you have second thoughts about donning a sherwani to your wedding? With western, you can never go wrong. A timeless classic with options like a tuxedo or a three-piece suit. Brands like Raymond or Armani excel at creating these, which are appropriate for any formal occasion. You can always avoid wearing black to make your appearance stand out, even if you’re going for a western style.


These are some well-known trends that will be used during the wedding season. If you know where to find a specific style at a good price, please comment below.